Evie Boheme embodies the spirit of ‘ageless modern bohemianism’.  This is a lifestyle approached with contemporary simplicity and a timeless aesthetic.  We rebel against the belief that ‘age appropriate’ clothing defines us.  This drives us to create collections to enable women to express and enhance their own personal style, regardless of their age.

We believe that life experience builds confidence.  This encourages us to experiment with how we dress and challenge peoples' perceptions of how we should look and what we should wear.

Our clothing embraces fun and freedom of expression.  We strive to take the spirit of the generations we have experienced and the energy of the one we now live in and carry this into our brand today.

Our brand's purpose is to fill our wardrobes with versatile and flattering silhouettes that can take us from street to work and back again.  We view each garment as a valuable wardrobe investment that has the ability to stylishly run errands, survive a day at the office or cut loose on a girls' night out, with just a few accessory changes.

Evie Boheme believes we should tread lightly on our planet for the generations we leave behind.  We are proud of our endeavors towards developing a sustainable product line, locally sourced and crafted here in LA.  We use vintage and remnant fabrics to produce our collectable and unique designs in small batches.  We feel positive about our choice to reduce our waste and the impact of our company’s carbon footprint – a gentle and winning approach to developing individual style.